Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Romper Room? Not on my watch

So this is the first time today that I've moved from the couch or my room, where I've laid out like a beached whale waiting for the tide to come in. The ongoing weather in Chicago, sucks, being sick for weeks on end, sucks more. Fortunately I'm on stronger antibiotics, which will kill whatever I have so long as it's bacterial (fingers crossed) but that means my plans for Friday and Saturday night will be much less fun (darn.)

Anyhow, what brightened my day today, outside of brownies to settle my stomach, is a link from Cassie, who directed me to a blog called Dress A Day. I stand in awe of this woman and Cassie because both are very creative and have a knack for patternmaking and sewing. I won't tell you how my last sewing "adventure" turned out. In fact, I think the last time I used a sewing needle for anything productive was when I had to dig out a splinter from my finger. It hurt and the needle was dead to me after then.

Moving along, there was a particular post on the blog about short-shorts rompers from Old Navy, which are part of its recent "Safari craze" trend. Looking at her critique of this cotton nightmare, it made me think only one thing - who would wear this in Chicago? Maybe it's appropriate if you're going to hunt wild game in Millennium or Oz Park, but somehow, I think the only game you'll catch is going to require a tetnis shot.

Chicago is trendy, but somehow I don't see women, outside of maybe some tourists, strapping on an adult "onesie" to rock the Viagra Triangle for brunch. Hot pants, buttons and a tie belt, oh my! Plus, only the skinny, long-legged women could fully pull this off whereas if I wore it, it would look like a smoldering marsh mellow. So unless there is a flap or two that I don't know about, this is not practical for public restrooms and trust me, you'll get tired of taking most of your clothes off just for that reason. Plus, Cassie told me that she saw these in the stores yesterday and they come in multiple colors! Just remember to stay away from bright colors as it might attract animals.

I feel the tide coming in, it's time to retire again for a nap and the couch.

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