Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lazy Saturday

The best thing about a lazy Saturday on the couch? Deciding what movie you want to watch next! Rather than be productive, I opted for the couch, television and pajamas until 3:30 p.m.

The highlight of today had to be watching the RCN technician get stuck in the snow and then find out that his truck battery was dead. Since no one was readily available on the street for a jump, the technician stood in the street, holding his jumper cables up in the air, anxiously hoping that a passing car would help him. And when someone finally did, a cop pulls up behind the car and beeps for the car to keep going and not block traffic. Then, the cop himself doesn't stop to help this guy! Finally someone rescued Mr. RCN and the entertainment continued as I watched him try to accelerate himself out of the snow bank. That was a solid half-hour of fun right there!

Also, Liz and I hit up Halsted's Bar & Grill, where our service was barely worth the 12 percent tip we left him and my food was only so-so. Maybe next time we'll have better luck.

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