Saturday, February 9, 2008

More tidbits!

Pet Peeve #402
Another drawback to living in an apartment in the city is restaurant flyers shoved under your door. I don't know who does it, but please stop! Since I moved to Lakeview, my current and previous apartment in the neighborhood have been unwilling victims of the Duck Walk menu attack. The culprit strikes very infrequently, but he/she always hits my apartment at the wrong time. Case in point, when I came home at 10 p.m. from an exhausting trip to Miami this week. I open the door to find a menu innocently put under my door again and it set me off. I kicked it into the hallway and refused to pick it up in protest. I know this is childish - but I refused to waste the energy to pick it up and recycle it. Today, when Ryan and I got back from errands and I told him the Duck Walk menu story, he thought I was totally insane and promptly kicked it from the hallway into my apartment before I could stop him (see photo below).

As of 5:40 p.m. tonight, it's still in my hallway and I have no plans to pick it up. If I pick up that menu, Duck Walk wins. I'm tempted to post a sign on my door telling whomever is putting this under my door to not waste their time, because regardless of how many they give me, I will not eat there...ever. Don't force your cheap restaurant on me, play hard to get!

Dreaming of a Macbook
Now that my tax return is in, I'm dreaming and drooling over a new Mac laptop to replace the POS one I'm typing on now. Because I've used "hand me down" laptops for the last five years, I had no idea how expensive they are! Now I really need that stimulus check. Come to me!

Recommending today....
Hit the Coach store today to check out scarves for my Carryall and the new signature lip gloss. Highly recommend the Hibiscus color, super cute. And cute packaging, which is always a plus!

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