Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stop the insanity!

Due to the frigid Chicago temperature and wind chill today, I decided to spend more time researching my impending new laptop purchase and I'm beyond excited about it. I've had hand-me-down laptops since college, which was fine, but now, I'm ready to get a real computer of my very own! I've all but settled on what model it will be, and hopefully next weekend, the rest of my questions will be answered so I'm ready to buy...once I finalize my available financing.

The cold weather also allowed me to catch up on the news. The thought of the writers strike ending makes me beyond happy, fingers are crossed that it can be wrapped up this week! I could still get at least four episodes of the Office and Ugly Betty in before May!

The other story that caught my attention today is in the New York Times about a "stroller ban" in a Brooklyn bar. I can definitely understand why parents were so worked up about it, but honestly, I have zero problem with this. This should surprise no one, especially given my stroller encounters downtown in the summer and on the bus. The article also mentions a blog that advocates on the rights of childless adults. I should join that! It's just genius.

I have a bad feeling as well that a cold is coming on again. Time to spray down my apartment with Lysol bring out the cough drops and keep my doctor's number handy. I'm not making the same mistake that I did last time, which was wait to go in to see her until I'm beyond miserable and sick. Learned that lesson the hard way!

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