Thursday, February 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm beyond exhausted as I write this, but I'm finally home in Chicago. I won't lie, I miss the perpetual sunshine and 85 degree weather, but in the end, I always enjoy coming home. The last two days have been insane. Fortunately, the plane from Miami was delayed by 15 minutes and we had a very productive flight home, taking off at our rescheduled time, arriving on time, efficient landing, very pleased. While in Miami security though, Emily made new friends, particularly a guy who works as a ward at a New York state psychiatric facility. He was harmless, until he mentioned that one of his "patients" is not allowed to have pens or pencils with her because she could stab someone in the head with them. Good to know. The conversation ceased after that.

My bag also arrived in a timely manner at the baggage claim (very exciting), but the cab stop line was literally 50 people long. So rather than freeze in a light coat outside for god knows how long, we jump on the Blue Line to Irving Park to catch a cab. An attractive pilot sitting near us on the El was a nice distraction, but the real winner had to be a man sitting 10 people down from us, who looked like a vampire - until I realized he didn't have his front four or five teeth! Quite a picture to see Emily and I dressed respectively in Lacoste and Nordstroms/Banana Republic with this company. I even have a picture of us near a palm tree that I will post tomorrow.

Okay I'm off to finish unpacking and then go right to bed, after peeling my contacts out of my eyes adn wiping the "plane" smell off me. Night.

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