Monday, April 28, 2008

Harry & David? More like Satan and Mothra

I have a bee in my bonnet tonight about Harry & David, purveyor of fruit and candy baskets. Two years ago I ordered something from them for my boss and every since I've been on its catalog/mailing list.

I tried everything to duck them, moving, ignoring it and nothing stopped them from finding me. It's like a bad version of the IRS! Finally, I had enough and called about two months ago to ask them to remove me from their mailing list. My Harry & David customer service rep said I would be removed immediately and catalogs would cease within three weeks. So imagine my surprise, six weeks later, when I come home tonight (after an unfun bus ride in which my umbrella opened by accident) to find a Harry & David catalog in my mailbox.

In a moment of customer service rage, I called Harry & David again proceeded to ask why I had not been removed from the list. When the woman gave me a BS answer, I kind of, sort of demanded to be removed from the list, saying that seeing another catalog would make me "physically sick" and that I would never buy anything from them again for fear of being put on the list again. Overdramatic? Yes, but effective.

So Harry & David is "on notice" now too. I don't want to see another catalog from you ever again.


babybuddha said...

I could devour the entire Harry & David catalog. Wood

ShoesAPlenty said...

Suck it up, Honey. If you have the time to pick up a phone and waste time and energy, why not be productive/positive and work a teen suicide hot line.

You will achieve the same level of drama, but do something valuable instead of your complaining and whining.

Your last handful of blogs are bit@%y. Please pick up your game. You are funny. You are cute. Act accordingly.

Wear comfortable shoes tomorrow. You are excused.

megkathleen said...

Satan and Mothra? Hi-larious! I feel that way about J. Crew - I love their catalog, but it only serves to depress me because I can't afford the clothes. But I'm too lazy to take action.

Stephanie said...

You need to put add a widget in your sidebar of the things that are "on notice." Do you have bears on there? :)