Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pet Peeve: Bus tidbits

So after yesterday's more "complicated" topic, I'll keep it light today. Plus, Lulu has picked a very light, happy song from my iTunes library for us to listen to so we'll keep on that trend.

Riding the bus to work every morning, I've noticed two new trends on my morning commute, one of which intrigues me and the other that annoys me (I believe it bothers me because it's just too early in the morning). I'll let you pick which is which.

This used to be a winter-only trend on my route but now they're out in spring. Cuddlers are the swooning in love people who cannot bear to not have any physical contact with each other on the bus, regardless of how this affects other riders.

I once had cuddlers on the bus who were so attached at the hip that they refused to allow other people past them. When one passenger broke their grasp why trying to get to an open seat, the girl in the couple looked like someone at stolen her purse and lunged for the guy in the couple, calming once they were connected again.

OMG gag me. This might sound "single-girl" biter but seriously, get a room. If cuddlers cannot stand on their own and stand to be apart for a few minutes, they  need to do one of two things: 1) get a room, apparently you're not ready to be out in public yet or 2) get a rope to tie you together so you don't have to worry about being apart. But make room for others on the bus, especially during bad weather and rush hour.

Make-up rush-hour style
I'm not exactly a morning person, but I do put on my make-up with scientist-like focus. I've seen the results when I don't and it's not pretty...at all.

One woman on my morning commute puts her entire "face" on the bus, regardless of bumps, short stops, the whole lot. And of course, rather than reading the paper, I cannot help but stare and watch her reactions during a sudden stop, especially when applying liquid eyeliner.

A different woman this morning had her little compact mirror out and was stretching her eye to apply liner when all of a sudden a guy bumped her arm and she started snipping at him. The guy dismissed her, but I couldn't help but laugh. I understand the value of 10 extra minutes of sleep, but when you choose to get ready on the bus, you have to be prepared for anything. There is no way I could do that so I'm always entertained by who can do their make-up routine successfully in those conditions. Round of applauds for you!


Jenn said...

I'm feeling all the lovey dovey bitterness lately since my relationship is going down the shitter. First stop: Limbo.

Anyway...we should totally get together with some of the other girly chicago bloggers for a girls night!

Bayjb said...

Absolutely! Maybe Minnie's? I know you guys just went but I haven't been yet!

Blaez said...

my former roomate use to put on her makeup while driving...and she drives a stickshift. it was crazy, i thought she was gonna get us killed more often than not to the point i just stopped riding with her. and she's one of those people that it takes her 45 mins to get ready (basics) and then another 15/20 for makeup and she gets up 30 mins til time to leave.

i'm a cuddler, i like to cuddle in public but there is a "good cuddle" and "bad cuddle" etiquette.

William said...


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nuttycow said...

Wow... William sounds nice ;)

I'm with blaez. Good cuddles and bad cuddles. Bad cuddles involve tongues and sucking and associated noises.

Stephanie said...

Ick. PDA can be so annoying.

I wonder why that lady doesn't get up earlier? Especially if she's a fan of eyeliner. Smudging on shadow is one thing. But eyeliner?

shoesaplenty said...

If you're fortunate, like me, we never take buses and depending on the day have a make up artist and stylist to prepare us.

Public displays of affection should be embraced. We should let love flourish and appreciate it. You can always turn your head.

On my way to Elite's party this evening. Anyone else attending?

Jenn said...

Mmm Minnies. Okay, but I'm not driving this time. There's got to be a train that brings me to Lincoln Park haha! Email me and we'll plan something :)

~Angela~ said...

Oh, I've definitely put on liquid liner on the bus/L before. But if someone bumped my arm, I wouldn't yell at them. It is, after all, public transportation.

Cass said...

speaking of cuddling I saw a couple fully making out in front of intelligentsia on jackson when I was walking home yesterday. gross.

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