Friday, April 11, 2008

Pet Peeve: Shopping at Victoria's Secret (I hate it)

I hate Victoria's Secret - primarily because of the people I always run into when I'm there.

I'm talking about the tweens and teens swarming the PINK section with their moms, clamoring for the latest piece of cheaply-made cotton capri sweats and short-shorts that say PINK across the butt (it's not Juicy kids).

This unpleasant shopping trip was brought on my one of my favorite pieces of mail, the free Victoria's Secret underwear coupon. I always look forward to getting these - a little freebie - until I walk into the store. Let's forget the store's tacky interior, reminiscent of Frederick's of Hollywood, complete with pink neon lights and the word "sexy" used as an adjective for everything. When did the store become somewhat...tacky?

My real problem with the store is the how little they seem to stock my size anymore. Apparently a size large is considered "plus size" there because it's available in few colors and styles, usually with the word "high leg" or "boy" in front of it. Maybe if I crack my pelvis and remove part of the bone, I'll be able to get into a size medium or small, which is much more attractive to their demographic.

So tonight I dug around like an animal on the floor of a rack, looking for my size in anything that wasn't repulsive. When I finally went to the cashier, a swarm of the PINK girls were monopolizing the register, giggling and talking about how "hot" the bikini one girl chose is. But the style was just so unflattering for her figure. I get it, I hope when I put things on I'll look like Giselle too, but it's just not meant to happen. And I'm trying not to go for the smoldering sausage look.

So fortunately I've stocked up for now and I likely won't be back in there until another free underwear coupon comes in the mail. I know, if I don't like it, I shouldn't shop there, but honestly, they have what I need so I try to get in and out as soon as possible.


Jenn said...

I really dislike how they bombard you when you walk in. I'm just looking thanks. "OMG do you want a Secrets card?!" No. Let me look!

And don't worry...they never seem to have my size either. It's ridiculous. I was blessed by the birth control fairy Ds yet I'm ridiculously tiny so I need a 32 D. Where are all the 32Ds?! I end up with 34 Cs and then I'm adjusting my bra every damn minute of the day.

If I'm paying $40 per bra, those bad boys better fit! Speaking of which, I need a new bra. I hate bra shopping :(

Bayjb said...

ITA Jenn. They keep pressuring me to get the Secret card and I'm like, no, no means no so back off. But I saw the rare guy working there, looking like he was in heaven - so wrong.