Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How the smallest things can make your day

Presents and treats aren't just for holidays and birthdays anymore. Oh no. As a single, young professional woman, I believe in treating myself to something nice at least a few times a week, if not every day.

Now this doesn't mean I'm out buying new purses, make-up or clothes all the time, but I've really found that as I get older, it's the little things that can still make your day. For example, my dad gave me a roll of stamps (the new forever ones) and I was super excited...over stamps. My idea of daily treats include: buying lunch, taking a cab, buying nummy ice cream or cupcakes as a treat, etc. Not exciting or something that will break the bank, but it's still fun things that I wouldn't normally do on a regular basis.

I'm teased at the office about my policy about "gift wrapping" things I buy. Whenever I buy something from Coach or Nordstrom's or really any store that has to ship things to me, I always ask it to be gift wrapped, especially if the service is complimentary. I do this because then it's like a nice little present, just for me. Yes, I've paid for it and I know exactly what's in the box, but for a few seconds, I have a present and I'm anxious to open it up. Plus, I don't have a boyfriend to buy and wrap things up for me, so that doesn't mean I should go without.

Does anyone else do little treat things for themselves? Care to share?


Stephanie said...

Stamps would make me happy too! I had to buy some the other day, and its one of those purchases that I hate. I guess because I equate to bills. :P

I've never asked for anything to be gift wrapped, but I love when I order a book from amazon and just the excitement of that little package in my mailbox makes me happy.

I think its great that you treat yourself!

RebeccaC said...

Love, love, LOVE the gift wrapping idea. I may have to do that for myself sometime.

I'm a sucker for flowers if they're on sale at the grocery store. And I especially can't go to Trader Joe's without coming home with a bouquet. They make my little breakfast table look so happy when I walk into the living room in the morning or get home from work at night.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

Red. Velvet. Cupcakes.

Love love love. :)

cityretreat said...

Cute, I like the site and topics. Look forward to reading more.

megkathleen said...

That's so cute. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that gets overly excited about the small things. I got really excited the other day because of a new stapler. I think I'll start having my stuff gift-wrapped. That's genious!

Erin said...

I love the gift wrapping idea! I always order things online because I like to get packages, but it would be fun to open them like a present!