Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shower and weekend recap (the good and the bad)

Thank goodness - I'm back in Chicago!

Well today was the highly anticipated shower and let's just say, I was pleasantly surprised but exhausted from being on-the-go all weekend.

Below is a recap of the weekends highlights and lowlights (some are not that low, but there weren't enough for an in between category):

High points:
  • Day off on Friday!
  • Driving - I love it and I miss it
  • Haribo Gummi Frogs and Milka - you know it's really from Germany when you can't read the packaging
  • Seeing my new computer - my baby!
  • Getting a purdy new case for my baby
  • Coach at Bayshore fixing the mix-ups in my order from Mayfair (also see lowlights)
  • Free movie and dinner with dad and stepmom (Saw 21 - not bad but rentable)
  • Cheesecake at the shower - it was awesome (see picture below)
  • Amtrak finding my "cancelled" ticket from Easter (also see lowlights)
  • Being told that I turned out "gorgeous" several times from an old family friend - thank you!
  • Cab available right away at Union Station
  • Seeing my apartment after a long Sunday
Low points:
  • Cab #1 charging me the wrong amount (too much) on my credit card
  • Coach at Mayfair screwing up my order - no I did not request those sunglasses actually
  • Cab #2 getting confused between lower and regular Wacker Drive
  • My new computer rejecting my iPod and iTunes songs - why are you so cruel?
  • Cab #2 nearly killing a pedestrian on Belmont and Sheridan
  • Realizing I probably should have contributed $20-25 to the shower - maybe I was too rigid
  • Finding out my unused Amtrak ticket from Easter was cancelled when it wasn't picked up because I was stranded in Atlanta
  • Logging my food - Diet? What diet?
  • Checking work e-mail - 141 e-mails - wha?
So now that we've covered that - let's get to the main event! The wedding shower!

First off, I wasn't sure what to expect today at the shower and overall things went well. Phew! Of course getting out to the VFW required the Garmin and my brother was literally not kidding when he said I'd know I was there when I saw the "tank" in front. I don't really "hang" at a VFW too much so when he said "tank," I wasn't sure what he meant until I saw it (see picture below), a literal Army tank just in front of the VFW's parking lot. I believe, "oh my god," was my response upon exiting the car.

The weekend regulars at the VFW bar were very nice, but the smell of deep smoke still was stuck in the bar, lovely. The spread of food was impressive, big props to my future sister-in-law's mom for organizing. While the "hot ham" was nothing to write home about and I opted to pass by the fruit salad "fluff," all of the traditional Wisconsin side dishes were quite good. I'm always a fan of a veggie platter, French Onion dip (OMG good), taco dip, and lovely pasta salad with tortellini, asparagus, carrots and Italian dressing - although it would have been good with a light olive oil as well.

And I have never seen this many gifts at one time before. We had two tables and most of the stage's floor covered and gift opening lasted 2.5 hours. In the end, only the bridal party and parents were left - the guests couldn't take it! Everyone was well-behaved (grandma included) and I was informed that the guy I'm walking down the aisle with is kind of a "pain" so they put me with him to straighten him out. Oh yeah honey, you misbehave and you'll meet the back of my hand! Since marriage is likely not in my future, I want to enjoy the few times I will walk down the aisle - for someone else's wedding.

So now I'm catching up on DVR and television before crashing and preparing for another full, long week of work. *Insert dramatic sigh*

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