Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meet my Macbaby!

To celebrate my 100th blog post, it's time to introduce everyone to the newest member of my Chicago Macbaby.

I'm pleased to introduce you all to Lulu...born officially on April 5, 2008 in Milwaukee weighing 5 pounds. The first time I looked at her, I did know what to say. She looked back at me and I knew right away that she was all mine. Even the little Apple book that came with her said that we were "made for each other." *Tear!*

After some initial trouble, primarily with merging my Windows iTunes songs onto the Mac, Lulu and I spent a lot of quality time together yesterday during the rain and I think we learned two things. 1) I'm in charge and 2) despite the bumpy beginning, we're going to get along just fine. I'm amazed at how fast she runs, how bright the screen is and how cute she looks from far away.

As a former PC-only user, there are still a few adjustments that I need to get around, primarily not being able to right-click on the touch pad, but I know Lulu and I will work through this as we spend more time together.

I even picked up a copy of the Apple Store workshop schedule so that I can take Lulu for her first day of school and make sure the other Mac kids are nice to her. I think next weekend we'll be checking out the iLife or Photography workshop, but I have to stop by the Genius Bar because my arrow keeps stalling or disappearing on the screen but again, Lulu and I will beat this. It's part of the "getting-to-know-you" process.

So below are some more picture of my baby's first big weekend in my apartment. Now it's time to go get her some cute accessories, primarily Bose speakers and/or some nice treats from the Apple Store. We'll see what she takes a shine to. Welcome to the family Lulu.

Images from top: Lulu in her baby blanket, breakfast, bath time and going out with mama.


Jenn said...

Adorable. I love her name, Lulu. That's my mom's nickname!

~Angela~ said...

Mine is named Lady MacBook (I'm a Shakespeare dork, and I love Macbeth). Enjoy!

Wow. Thanks to you, I just checked. Today was my 98th post. I never would've realized I was getting so close to #100 if you hadn't mentioned it. Thanks!

William said...


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Stephanie said...

Congratulations- she's adorable. :)

Jamie Lovely said...

Yay macbook! You're going to love it more than anything once you get use to everything.

Bayjb said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments. Lulu and I are actually listening to a little John Lennon now :)

Angela - Lady Macbook is a great name, very creative!

Jamie - Lulu and I are still getting to know each other but tonight I learned the new shortcut to cut and paste links. Learn something new every day!

William - I'll shoot you an e-mail offline about linking.

not.a.diva said...

i've always only used PCs and was so drawn to macs i bought the exact same one you have in January. I'm still getting used to it but so far it's been great and I really really love it - i figure out something cool every day. Unfortunately, I'm not as creative as you - I named mine Apple.

oh, and you must get the clear iskin for the keypad - keeps your keyboard spotless! i vouch for it :)

Now if you find a cute laptop bag do let me know ;)