Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weather forecasts for city women

Thank goodness! It's finally feeling like spring in Chicago! (Minus this afternoon rain) Woo hoo!

Whenever there is a large weather change - winter/spring or summer/fall - there can be a "delay" in dressing appropriately for the new weather temperature. This can cause several days of discomfort as you realize shortly after boarding the bus that you're too over- or under-dressed. Yesterday, on an amazing day, I noticed a woman on the bus wearing a North Face puffer coat on the way to work. Now that is overdressing. It's beautiful outside, wear something lighter!

I love wearing skirts in summer, l-o-v-e it. But even with the recent 70-degree temps, I'm still hesitant to pull them out. Mostly because I'm not 100 percent convinced the weather will stay this way. This is the Midwest. So after being slightly overdressed for the office this week, I threw caution to the wind today and dressed a bit more springy for work, complete with side ponytail and Coach scarf, dress denim and gauzy dress T-shirt with the Tory Burch flats. I thought I was set...until I went outside and the wind nearly made me lose the scarf and the hair didn't look so cute anymore. Basically, I underdressed slightly.

So because of this, I am putting the local meterologists "on notice" because they need to give better direction to the women of Chicago on how to appropriately dress that day for work.

Here are some examples of how they can guide us better:

Warm cute: 

Weather is warm (mid-70s or higher) with little breeze and lots of sunshine. 

What to wear: skirt/pants or cropped jacket with sunglasses and a short to 3/4-length top with a wrap, sandals or tennis shoes (if you're going to the gym).

Cool cute:

Weather is between high-50s and 60s, partly sunny and a bit stronger wind.

What to wear: pants, jean or fleece coat, full or open-toe shoes with something heavier to cover your arms.

Humid cute:

Weather is uncomfortable. Temps are still in the 70s or higher but with high humidity and lots of sunshine.

What to wear: light skirt, sandals and sunglasses and strappy top - basically anything to make it less uncomfortable. But bring a jacket, cardigan or wrap for the office.

Rain cute:

Well it's raining so the weather isn't that much of a stretch. Temps can fall into the "warm cute" or "cool cute" categories too so refer back to those descriptions.

What to wear: cutest rain boots (recommend bright colored wellies), pants, jacket and whatever top you choose.

Unforgiveably hot cute:

Weather: Similar to "humid cute" category but multiply it by ten.

What to wear: Whatever will keep you from passing out while waiting for the train or bus. But bring something to cover yourself up a bit at the office.

Now I know this seems a bit odd or slightly ridiculous to think up but, really seeing this description on the NBC 5 news in the morning would really help me out and keep me from being a hot mess.

Yes let's do the math: "warm cute" dress + a "cool cute" day = a hot mess

Anyone who has ever been under- or over-dressed for the weather knows what that feels like. Suddenly my new post-gym workout outfit looks very warm and inviting. Even if they might be poorly made.


~Angela~ said...

I pretty much always wear layers. Of course, I'm probably not the most stylin' chica around, but I'm generally pretty comfortable. And I'm all about that.

Stephanie said...

I hate when I dress wrong for the weather. Last week, in Florida, it seemed kind of chili out. So I wore jeans, sneakers, long sleeves, and a cute short sleeved sweater. By afternoon, I was sweating! But, I was so stubborn, I didn't take off that sweater. It was too cute. :)