Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who's a pretty princess?

My friend Katherine sent me this link today, prefacing it by saying, "you have to check this out...this will help eat time out of your day."

Right now, that's not really a problem at work, having too much free time, but I selected the link and smiled- it's a "build your dream wedding dress" interactive Web site! And because weddings are a big part of my family life right now, I figured I would stop looking and drooling at Tiffany and play "paper dolls" online...with wedding dresses.

I highly recommend the ladies check this out. It's fun and actually does kill time! I was mesmerized for about 15 minutes just on the skirt! Plus, the opportunity to build your dream dress in 3 steps, that's easy enough or me!

So below are two pictures of dresses that I created, complete with veil and "trimmings." Not that the reality will live up to this image, if we get there, but it's fun to play with. The Web site is pretty smart though, you cannot do a screen shot of the Web site with the dress or copy the image, so I took out the digital camera and had to get creative. Enjoy two options below, I'll let you debate and guess which one is the "dream" dress.


Leah said...

When I glanced at the images in bloglines, I thought you'd gone to a wedding with kickballs imprinted with the brides image.

i thought that was pretty rad.

now going to make a wedding dress.

Jenn said...

This has bad news written all over. I'd design like eleventy dresses while at work and get fired.

Bayjb said...

It took A LOT of restraint not to do one at work. I told my friend she's just killed my afternoon by sharing this with me.

Allstarme79 said...

Yes, my job has a lot of free time as well, during certain times of the semester. I feel you and I am always looking for interesting things like this.